6 signs you are heartbroken

Also called stress-related cardiomyopathy, broken heart syndrome mostly affects women after menopause. In pictures, we review the symptoms that should alert you.

Takotsubo Syndrome: 6 Signs You're Heartbroken

the Takotsubo syndrome was first described in 1990, in Japan. It means “octopus trap” in Japanese, in reference to the deformity of the left ventricle observed by imagery that resembles an ancestral trap used by Japanese fishermen.

This deformation of the heart is caused by a vivid stressful emotion. Its symptoms are very suggestive of myocardial infarction. Medisite describes them in pictures.

Broken heart: postmenopausal women are more at risk

Broken heart syndrome affects 1 in 36,000 people and would represent 1 to 3% of patients suspected of suffering from an acute myocardial infarction. “80% of cases are women over the age of 50”, specifies the medical dictionary Vidal. There is currently no treatment, although a trial is underway on this subject.

This stress cardiomyopathy is transient but exposes to a risk of serious complications and recurrences. “It generally lasts two weeks, in the absence of mortality or seriousness in the acute phase”.

This syndrome can be triggered by a psychological stressemotional negative such as bereavement, divorce, breakup, anger, financial problems, etc. Nevertheless, a happy surprise may also be the cause. Of the physical stressors can also trigger broken heart syndrome, such as:

Doctors have also identified three risk factors : the fall of estradiol blood level at menopausea genetic predisposition (with the existence of family cases) and history of psychiatric illness (observed in 42% of cases).

Takotsubo Syndrome: 6 Signs You're Heartbroken

This pain is accompanied by a feeling of tightness in the chest, this is the first sign suggestive of the syndrome.

Takotsubo Syndrome: 6 Signs You're Heartbroken

The signs may also be suggestive of acute pulmonary edema and in this case the person may have a feeling of suffocation.

Takotsubo Syndrome: 6 Signs You're Heartbroken

Having a sudden sore jaw is also another sign of Takotsubo syndrome.

Takotsubo Syndrome: 6 Signs You're Heartbroken

The sudden urge to vomit is another symptom of broken heart syndrome.

Takotsubo Syndrome: 6 Signs You're Heartbroken

As with myocardial infarction, pain in the arm is usually felt.

Takotsubo Syndrome: 6 Signs You're Heartbroken

The sick person may also have sensations of heart palpitations, that is, a sensation of irregular heartbeats.


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