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Also called longe-côte, aquatic walking is gaining more and more followers. This summer, many will undoubtedly be walking along the beach. This activity is excellent for muscle and cardiovascular strengthening, but not only…

Water walking: benefits of summer sports activityIstock

No need to be an experienced athlete! the coast consists of walking in an aquatic environment (oceans, seas, lakes, etc.) with a height of water between the navel and the armpits. The activity is practiced with several people on sandy beaches without obstacle or risk. In 2005, this method of strength training was devised by Thomas Wallyn, a professional rowing coach for training rowers. Its virtues and friendliness undoubtedly explain the renewed enthusiasm for water walking which is all the rage on most of the French coast and even on the edge of the lake!

Interests and benefits of walking in water

The water walk is accessible to everyone. You just have to adapt your practice to your level. For those who are tempted by the experience, it is obviously necessary to be supervised by a qualified facilitator who will ask the participants for medical advice. Everyone progresses at their own pace while sharing the pleasure of getting together in a group for an invigorating outdoor activity. Aquatic walking is described by those who practice it as a moment of pleasure and conviviality. It is perceived as a beneficial and relaxing activity.

Walking in water like this is a healthy activity both for the general well-being only for health. The efforts produced by the body to walk in the sand facing the current are conducive to muscle and cardiovascular strengthening. All this without joint trauma, like most water sports activities, since the water helps to carry the body. At a rate of 45 minutes of walking, once or twice a week, walkers improve their balance and endurance and promote blood circulation.

In water, the resistance is five times greater than on land, so the muscles work harder, but still gently. Hydrostatic pressure also activates blood flow, and promotes better venous return. Wearing a jumpsuit reinforces this draining action. These characteristics therefore make the iodized market an ally against cellulite. Practiced in a marine environment, this stimulating activity finally allows you to fill up with minerals and trace elements. An ideal bowl of energy to recharge your batteries and give your body a boost. All the ingredients to tone up, recharge and relax!


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