Contact case of contact case, what to do?


If it is less in the news, the Covid-19 is still there and the number of cases is increasing. In a context without masks, free movement, contact cases are multiplying. Contact cases of contact cases too. What precautionary measures should be taken without the obligation of isolation?

Contact case of contact case, what to do? Istock

With 119,285 new cases in 24 hours on Friday July 15, 2022, according to Public Health France, the Covid-19 virus is still present. The increase in the number of positive people is skyrocketing the number of contact cases and necessarily contact case contact case.

For Health Insurance, as of June 27, 2022, ” A person is a contact case if they have been in contact with a Covid-19 positive person without effective protective measures. “. The organization also specifies that the contact must have taken place face to face at less than 2 meters, regardless of its duration. People who are in the same room as someone infected for at least 15 consecutive or cumulative minutes over 24 hours are also admitted as contact cases. Isolation measures and respect for barrier gestures are therefore essential.

Barrier gestures, isolation and testing

Despite the obvious questions that the situation imposes, a contact case of a contact case is not a contact case. No legal obligation is imposed on him as long as the result of the test of the initial contact case is unknown. The Health Insurance still recommends to act with caution. Pending the test results of his contact case, it is necessary to restrict social and family contact. Also according to, it is advisable to monitor its temperature and the possible appearance of symptoms. In the event of symptoms, it is the immediate test which is essential.

Already on September 17, 2020, the former Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced the measures to be taken in this situation during a speech: “ Contact cases of contact cases are not contact cases “. Government policy is therefore still relevant regarding contact cases of contact cases. Caution, respect for barrier gestures and teleworking remain the best defenses against the spread of the virus.


Améli, press release of June 27, 2022

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