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Back pain, evil of the century? During a long-haul flight, sitting for hours in a more or less narrow and relatively uncomfortable seat can quickly become a real torture. Tracking down bad postures can correct them and improve flight conditions.

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The sitting is the most formidable for the back because of the strong disc pressure which causes micro-contractions of several muscles. This is because when you are seated, whether you have a flat back or an inversion of curvature, your spine is likely to form a rounded arc, due to leaning your shoulders forward and therefore hunching. In this position, you are no longer wedged in your backrest, thus constraining your entire back.

Good posture for a pleasant journey

This bad position can lead to a disc yawn and cause suffering when changing position, when you are going to get up. The consequences can be multiple: lumbar stiffness, blockage, lumbago, sciatica, cruralgia…

  • At the cervical level, the simple fact of having the head down to readlooking at your tablet or working on your computer creates tension, the posture then becomes tiring, even unbearable, not to mention the effects of poor blood circulation at the level of the legs.
  • Properly position your back. Stand straight to limit the onset of pain, keep your back straight, leaning against the backrest. The curve of the spine should form an “S”. Fill the hollow at the level of the arch with the help of a cushion, and the hollow formed by the nape of the neck with another cushion, in order to maintain this curve.
  • Properly position the legs. If the seat cushion is a little too long, luggage under the feet allows the legs to take off from the seat and avoid compression. Do not cross your legs, keep them parallel so as not to alter blood circulation. Massaging thighs and calves from time to time also helps.
  • It is also advisable to get up regularly to walk in the cabin. This activates blood circulation and prevents numbness and cramps in the legs. Drink water throughout the flight is also essential. Not only to avoid dehydration but also to oxygenate the muscles. Again, it promotes blood circulation and prevents cramps and headaches.


Press release of May 12, 2022 from SAS Cosifly.

Véronique Mignano Designer and CEO of SAS Cosifly

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