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Putin parody

An orjo-colored sculpture of Putin has been placed in New York’s Central Park.


EFE // James Colomina

An orjo-colored sculpture of Putin has been placed in New York’s Central Park.

French artist put the work as a criticism of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

the french artist james colomina He put up this week in New York without permission a statue to denounce the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and quickly became the object of attack in the city’s Central Park.

Colomina put the president on a small toy tank in a Park playground and the response of New Yorkers to the figure of Putin “It was kicks, punches and fists of sand in the face”he explained in an email.

Other topic: Culture: a form of resistance in the midst of the war in Ukraine

“The sculpture did not go unnoticed! That’s what I like, when there is a real interaction,” said the Frenchwoman, who painted her fictional Putin completely red, a common compliment in her statues. The artist described the work as “a sculpture that aims to denounce the absurdity of war and the courage of the children in the face of violent and catastrophic situations that they did not trigger”.

Putin Parody

The work was violated in a single day.


EFE // James Colomina

The statue was in the lung of Manhattan only on August 2, since Colomina had to remove it because “it was no longer presentable” and the toy cannon on which the president was standing looked broken.

In addition to New York, Colomina has exhibited this same statue in the Gardens of LLuxembourg in Paris and the Joan Miró Park in the city of Barcelona. Not having official permits to make these installations has caused the artist to have “some problems with the authorities,” she revealed. “It’s a bit like a game of cat and mouse, you have to keep a low profile,” she explained.


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