What is Goaltending in Basketball? Goaltending Vs Block (2022)

Basketball is a gameplay that is based on a lot of principles. It contains a rule book that has to be followed. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the exciting adventure of basketball. In this stance, if you are not following any of the rules, you have to pay strict penalties.

Goaltending is one such penalty. To get into its deeper analysis, various questions can be asked like; what is goaltending in basketball? Is goaltending afoul? And when was goaltending made a rule in the NBA?

We depict the primary analytical and informational overview of goaltending rule basketball to answer all such queries. Here is the complete guide to this rule for providing a reliable piece of advice to the players because the one who wants to be an expert in this game must be sure and clear about all the rights and wrongs of the sport.

To find out in detail about it, follow the content provided next;


  • NCAA Goaltending Rule
  • When was Goaltending made a Rule in the NBA?
  • Goaltending Conditions; When it Occurs?
  • Goaltending Penalties
  • Is Goaltending Illegal?
  • Concept Differences – Goaltending VS Block
  • The Final Verdict

NCAA Goaltending Rule

Goaltending is one of the illegal penalty acts that is also a violation. It most commonly occurs when a player interferes with the ball while utilizing the scoring chances. In this basketball act, the player has shot events and can reasonably go in, but still, the player obstructs the ball.

It becomes a violation, and the team have to pay the penalty against it. The most common situation when Goaltending can occur is when the ball is in low flight, and the player goes and blocks it. Not only this, but it can also happen at the time when the ball is touched above the rim portion.

Goaltending is a strict action because there can be so many controversies in the game regarding it. The offensive goaltending rule can be very versatile and seen in the NBA, NCAA, High schools, and WNBA.

This automatically favors the offensive team and scores in their favor, whether the ball is in their court. In addition to this, the points selecting the offensive team are according to the place where the ball shoots.

For instance, if the ball is at 3-point shots, the other team will get the same three points on their scoring board. In this way, the defensive team will face a severe struggle against them. As we stated above about controversies, we tend to try the explanation of this foul in the goaltending rule basketball can be referred to as one point.

When was Goaltending made a Rule in the NBA?

The NCAA made the goal a crime in 1944, while the NBA made it official in 1945. NCAA and NBA officials have been in great hustle ideas and mind thought for many years. Because the goal was impossible as none can dare to access a higher edge. In 1944, however, scoring goals in NCAA basketball was banned. Thanks to George Mikan.

At the time, Mikan was one of the most popular goalkeepers in history. He was an athletic basketball player and was famous because of his height of 6’10 and almost 250 pounds. The NBA added a rule for goalkeepers a year later, in 1945

Goaltending Conditions; When it Occurs?

There have been various possible times allotted when the player goaltends the ball and commits the step of violation. In a most common scenario, it occurs by the illegal touch of the player to the ball, but various other conditions are also bound to it.

For simplicity, we are providing these actions for you and your convenience in detail. The most common situation that propels the team to this act of violation are;

  • When a player touches the ball physically when it is rolling on the rim.
  • The hanging of the player while moving the ball through the net
  • When a player touches the ball while in its upward flight, it is about to make a goal on the court.
  • Moreover, when the ball bounces in a very unnatural manner. It happens at the time when the player touches the court net.
  • Last but not least, when a player touches the ball, while your hands pass through the inside of the rim portion.

In a free-throw attempt, if the players restrict or block the ball, it will be counted as a foul, but this block foul shot will go in favor of the offensive team, and they get a score of one more point on its point board. Let’s find out more about this foul controversy;

Goaltending Penalties

Goaltending is an unfair situation that happens by both the defensive and offensive teams. There are equal chances for both the teams to go through it. But most importantly, punishment refers to the thing that first commits this penalty.

They have seen a bit differently in the defensive and offensive Goaltending. When the defensive team commits it, the on-point is added to the scoreboard of the opposite offensive team. But in another case, when ten offensive teams goaltend, the team will lose possession of the ball.

The score will not be counted in case the goal is made on the field while the action is under the influence of Goaltending. This goal would be counted as a foul rather than added to the scoreboard.

Apart from all these conditions for the goaltending penalties, if both the times, either defensive or offensive, went through the Goaltending of the same gameplay, the situation would be to make a balance by not scoring a point or goal to any of them.

At this time, the decision about the possession of the ball is decided by jumping it inside of the playing court or ground. In other words, the empire will go for the thing to restart the playing round from the beginning.

Is Goaltending Illegal?

As stated above, Goaltending is often an act of rule violation for basketball. So in the general and most simple elaboration, violations are always illegal that have to be minimized as soon as possible.

But on the other hand, it is the things and points when the game becomes even more exciting. The suspense reaches its peak and grabs the people’s attention to a great level. But on the same side, it is not referred to as a good thing because the teams have to suffer a lot.

The offensive goaltending creates a kind of disproportionality in the sport, which is not usually kike and appreciated by the experts. They tend to keep the game free of all types of penalties, violation and most importantly, it is not liked so much because it does not ensure fair play at the time.

Bob Kurland is best known for influencing the ban on obstructing basketball goalies. In each stance at 6’10, Mikan and Kurland played defensively by standing under the court, catching their opponents’ shots as they approached the edge. This makes it almost impossible for opponents to score.

Bill Russell was given credit in history for his efforts to ban the offensive basketball goalkeeper due to his dominance in college. Thanks to his height and ability to jump, Russell can anticipate lost shots from teammates and bring them to the court. If Russell’s offensive goals in the NBA are legal throughout the period, he will likely have more than 21,620 rebounds in his career – stupid statistics alone.

Concept Differences – Goaltending VS Block

For a thorough and complete understanding of the thoughts about blocks and Goaltending. It is just for the professionals and beginners to know and look at the ball trajectories. If the ball is in the upward flight while the field experiences, it would be counted in the block action for normality.

But on the other side, to differentiate it from Goaltending, the ball concept must be in the downward direction; it will not change the things about analytical balance. In this situation, even a simple rebound action will let the items move towards the position of Goaltending.

Thus, the downward action players must be careful enough to avoid this rebounding. The ball must be paced or passed below the ring for this conceptual difference. In this way, the player recovers it more concisely from the roots and enjoys excellent experiences.

The Final Verdict

The professional and expert outlook wants to clear the things and the whole of the rule book for the beginners. This will let them enjoy a most excellent and unforgettable basketball playing experience.

To cover up the violation factors and detail penalty discussion about goaltending rule basketball, we try to cover up the summary as it is the rule in a basketball game to ensure that no player interferes with the average flight of the ball in the ring. Although this rule is closely related to basket interference, it is distinguished by a significant difference.

The goal occurs when the basketball has a descending path in the plan. While a basketball hit can occur on the edge, net, etc, to help the ball enter or stay out.

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