Lesotho is a ​landlocked country located in Southern Africa, ⁣entirely surrounded by South Africa. It is known for its stunning mountainous terrain, earning‍ it the ​nickname ⁣”Kingdom in the Sky”. The​ highest point in Lesotho is Thabana Ntlenyana, standing⁣ at an impressive 11,424 feet above sea level.

The ⁤climate in ⁢Lesotho is characterized by cold ​winters and hot summers. The country ‍experiences four distinct seasons, with snowfall in the ⁤winter months and temperatures reaching over 86°F ‍in the summer. The‍ high⁤ altitude⁣ of Lesotho ⁤also plays a role in the​ climate, with⁤ cooler temperatures ‍at higher elevations.